Assignment 1 Results

Could it be good news or bad news? These were my thoughts every time I check the results, the first assessment results were out and they were not as good as even half. I guess this is probably because of amount of work in school and so on, thus no more excuses this time to work harder for the current assessment. Still catching up the pace of others as much as I could, hope I could soon to run faster in this race and be able to chase after them. I am grateful to have supportive course mates and lecturer to help out when I need some, surely happy for those we did passed this time around. The extra marks to make up to the previous one would do me some good. 


The 35 favorite free apps for teaching

While going through the google search randomly, I came across useful free applications for teachers which I have been using for a while. These applications are suitable for andriod and apple devices as they are free to download. It is a great website by scholastic, who also distribute books to my pre-school and other schools in the neighborhood as well. I find this website useful, hope teachers could have a look at this. 

Tunnel near to an end

I can say that I could almost see the light at the end of this tunnel. There is still much workload to be done, despite that I have learned so much through out this semester. I never thought that there would be so many things to explore on ICT, always think that technology comes with a manual. This subject certainly acts as a manual book to me, as I am always looking for answers when it comes to ICT. This will be the final professional experience subject too, hence I will be able to use what I have learned during this period. It has always been a challenge to juggle full time job and studies at once, having said that those two will come in handy when they complement each other as they are interrelated. 

Alien comes to life

You will probably be wondering what in the world is my topic about. 

This is probably useful for an ipad equipped classroom, as the app is only found in app store. It is known as appstring. By scanning the ipad on the surroundings, the animated alien will pop out. I have not personally download the app and try it yet, but would certainly give it a go soon! Students are able to draw their surroundings for the alien, then command it to walk around or even make funny gestures. I am totally glued and inspired to bring this application to classroom. The animation is attractive and I could create things around the alien. One of the best part about this animation is that the alien is not portrayed as a scary creature, instead a cute and somewhat similar to despicable me characters which students could relate to. This application is also free, even if it needs payment. It will definitely be worth investing on!

ICT Benefits!

Found this video while scrolling along YouTube, it is informative and provides information on ICT evolution for younger children. Educators will introduce and teach students using ICT so that they will be able to cope up with the technology advancement.

Nowadays, it is quite common to see SMART board and computer in preschool setting. I feel with the new age now, children will definitely be familiar with all these. Although during my younger days technology was not implemented back then, I have to cope up now while using ICT in lessons as well.

Thus, it is essential for educators to equip themselves with ICT knowledge and incorporate in lessons. Students will be more interested to learn.

Cirkus ABC

This video shows how animation works. Every time I come across amazing animation in the movies I will start thinking how they actually works. As I randomly search animation videos, I came across this YouTube video that talks on the history of how animation works. 

This is where Cirkus ABC comes in to picture. The animation video is to simplify the long explanation on history of animation when those days it was merely pen and paper. They also describe the process of animation, from concept drawing to story boarding (CirkusProductions, 2010). Watch the video and it definitely explain better than myself.



CirkusProduction. (2010). Cirkus ABC – How IT works. Retrieved April 29, 2014 from

School Days

Throughout my time studying this course, I always wondered how was it like during those days when I was younger. What I do know is that those time, I am pretty fascinated with technology. Look forward to head home after school to learn new computer games, back then diskettes and big chunky computer monitor screen were used instead of CDs and light weight laptop now. Despite juggling assignment two, all these memories just made me feel lighter instead of focusing of how stressful the situation is. The ICT experiences definitely come in handy, especially this particular subject. Not only will I able to share my experiences on the blog, I get to exchange views with other bloggers (course mates) as well. I will most likely bring in my experiences to classroom while allowing students to share theirs in return. This will be an ongoing yet interesting topic to bring to light.