Could I make through?

I am quite concerned about how the grading of our marks will be like. I could definitely relate to Leesa’s situation where the results are released I am excited yet terrified to look at the grades. As soon as I found out I were not scoring a pass or half of overall marks, I was disappointed at myself. Been thinking all those sleepless nights, burning midnight oil while juggling a few assignments at a time turned out to be such a big let down. Where there are only a few subjects left to be graduated from this course, I could not afford to fail or give up. Even more discouraging when those who did last minute passed or scored a better mark, how I wish that was me. 

This blog definitely keeps me going when things went all wrong, as each one of us are seen like children (learners determine to learn) and accept that everyone of us are different from others and we should not be comparing. According to the blog, markers will mark students randomly by timing themselves and then remark other assignments that are marked to acknowledge the appropriate marks given. When most of them agreed on the students marks, only the results will be seen as a whole. There are two incidents where I was still at the borderline of passing and asked for remarking. Lecturer told us, if we were to remark our marks were most likely be brought down even lower. Is this fair? Well, I am just trying my best to get through the retake subjects and hopefully not to be repeated again and again.

This makes me wonder whether we are in the right course where it practical experiences are supposed to be taken more seriously than essay and examination? I definitely have a passion for children, just that the need of getting this course done is seriously high. I would really hope the children will not have negative thoughts like me when they face similar situations like this in the future. Hope I will go a long way when I am truly qualified to be a well equipped teacher in the near future. 


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