Assignment 2

My assignment two unit plan context will be on English subject and focus on year one curriculum. I chosen year one in my context as this year level is easier to understand and relates to my professional experience. The subject of English is my focus as a teacher as it is one of my favorite subject during my years of studies. I would love to enhance myself to learn more about ICT to integrate in my future lessons in classroom with the students.

By the end of Year 1, students explain how to use ICT to get information on sea animals. They describe what they have learned and types of ICTs used during the one month duration. Students categorize types of sea animals and their own understanding on them.
They reflect the lessons by having questions and answers session at the end of the lessons. Students to relate stories on their favorite sea animals by using different texts while sharing their experience. 

Still in the midst of working part two of this assignment.

All the best everyone!



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