Video games

This idea popped up while I was thinking of how fast ICT has changed our lives without even knowing. Those were the days when my childhood is filled with video games, computer games or even gameboy. Although I am still into video games, but not that much these days as assignments and work are piling up. Yet again, with just a click of the fingertips we could access to many websites of free online games to play. Came across this article that I find interesting, this also explains how art can be explained through simple gadgets.

I have actually seen this during my childhood days, for what I know this gadget is to create the three dimensional effects on people. What I did not know is how amazing it can be now, once you wear this eye piece immediately we will be brought to the virtual world yet feeling real while viewing it. The eye piece is made to link to the brain which allows people to get the senses active. This is an artistic, innovative and great way to learn through video games.



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