Week 2

Though week two has passed, I am still trying to sort things out and getting the flow of this subject. Ever since I have started this subject, been observing more on surroundings which involve ICT. As ICT may have already included in most of our basic lifestyle, it is much easier to look for things now. This would be a great opportunity to get the little ones’s attention in classroom, children nowadays are probably more technology savvy than adults by their tiny touch of fingers. Just like Prince Midas story, the power of the touch. It would be great to learn from the younger generation too! In this way, teacher is able to observe children’s progress in classroom. Children will be able to boost their self esteem and confidence level through interaction using ICT (Teaching and Learning Research Program, 2006). Reflection in classroom after every lessons are great too! Inspired by, (Leesa’s blog) http://lrjones2013.wordpress.com/2014/03/16/mirror-mirror/on this part. 


– http://www.tlrp.org/pub/documents/no15_plowman.pdf


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