Learning Path Activity 1

In link to Sanna’s blog (http://sannaahmad87.wordpress.com/2014/03/09/fill-in-the-blanks/) on Week One Learning Path Activity, would certainly agreed with her on my confusion on the activity initially. Below would be the activity that require us to fill in the empty spaces.

The questions that p________ face as they raise ch________ from in_________ to adult are not easy to an _________. Both f______ and m________ can become concerned when health problems such as co_________ arise anytime after the e____ stage to later life. Experts recommend that young ch____ should have plenty of s________ and nutritious food for healthy growth. B___ and g____ should not share the same b______ or even be in the same r______. They may be afraid of the d_____.

When the blanks are not fill, I would think that every sentences are not related to one another. After filling up the spaces, everything becomes interrelated and link together nicely. In addition, this activity has to be read along with the notes for further understanding. I bet most of us would be thinking the same answers like parents, children, fathers, mothers, boys, girls, dark and so on right? I found out the answers are surprisingly hilarious and interesting as well. Words are so much fun when we think out of the box! The purpose of this activity is to test our daily schema and schematas of our surroundings. It is almost similar to metaphor but different in another way. As an educator, we should allow and accept children’s point of view may vary and understand their values on ICT experiences.




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