Could I make through?

I am quite concerned about how the grading of our marks will be like. I could definitely relate to Leesa’s situation where the results are released I am excited yet terrified to look at the grades. As soon as I found out I were not scoring a pass or half of overall marks, I was disappointed at myself. Been thinking all those sleepless nights, burning midnight oil while juggling a few assignments at a time turned out to be such a big let down. Where there are only a few subjects left to be graduated from this course, I could not afford to fail or give up. Even more discouraging when those who did last minute passed or scored a better mark, how I wish that was me. 

This blog definitely keeps me going when things went all wrong, as each one of us are seen like children (learners determine to learn) and accept that everyone of us are different from others and we should not be comparing. According to the blog, markers will mark students randomly by timing themselves and then remark other assignments that are marked to acknowledge the appropriate marks given. When most of them agreed on the students marks, only the results will be seen as a whole. There are two incidents where I was still at the borderline of passing and asked for remarking. Lecturer told us, if we were to remark our marks were most likely be brought down even lower. Is this fair? Well, I am just trying my best to get through the retake subjects and hopefully not to be repeated again and again.

This makes me wonder whether we are in the right course where it practical experiences are supposed to be taken more seriously than essay and examination? I definitely have a passion for children, just that the need of getting this course done is seriously high. I would really hope the children will not have negative thoughts like me when they face similar situations like this in the future. Hope I will go a long way when I am truly qualified to be a well equipped teacher in the near future. 


Typing Games: Much More than Words per Minute

Hey everyone!

I am inspired by planning my lessons for Professional Experience. This resource shows the benefits of typing for children .

In this modern technology era, it is rare to see children not attach to their gadgets. Meg Butler wrote this article to emphasize on reducing spelling errors and grammars, “the mind-boggling trend of purposefully misspelling words and shortening phrases, usually via text message.” In an ICT context, students could have typing game on Microsoft Word during English reading and writing lesson. If children could not write manually, they could type on keyboard to spell the required words.

I believe on the topic that it is not according to how fast the child is able to type, but the meaning and sentence structure are more important. Teachers should make it clear to children by explaining to them timing is not the main focus, whereas the main focus is for them to complete typing task correctly. Instructions given should be cleared, so that students will understand the requirements they need to achieve.


Butler, M. (2012, January 26). Typing Games: Much More than Words per Minute. . Retrieved June 11, 2014, from

ICT to teach English

ICT to teach English

ICT provides access to teachers and students in teaching and learning English. Children are more attracted to ICT when it is incorporates with lessons. The popularity of ICT these days are outnumbering traditional teaching in school setting, children are easier to absorb learning when they are young. Moreover, various range of ICT also assist teachers to find resources and use as teaching aid. Not only that, children are able to focus on the specific literacy lesson to achieve on. This article provides information on the benefits of English literacy through integration of ICT.

ICT activities

ICT activities

This website above provide suitable ICT resources for students and teachers. I feel that teachers rarely link their lessons to ICT mainly because they could not think of suitable activities to work with students. This is definitely a suitable website that covers various levels and variety of interesting activities to collaborate with one other in school setting. Besides that, FUSE is easy to function and easily understandable among teachers and students. It is also well organised where we could locate the types of activities we want or according to the suitability of age. Teachers and students will be attracted and inspired by the webpage. Teachers and students will improve themselves by being more technology savvy in the future!

10 Iconic Teacher Actions That Technology Should Disrupt

This is a website I stumbled on while viewing other social network webpage and my friend shared this ‘10 Iconic Teacher Actions That Technology Should Disrupt‘ kept me thinking. I find this fascinating as the title itself tells the story. It is a very useful and informative website indeed for teachers, as I am truly inspired by this to be a better and technology savvy teacher in the future. This will certainly be bookmarked in the laptop and keep me motivated to move on whenever I am struggling with teaching. I hope you enjoy the article and hope it will touch your heart as a teacher to keep you going as much as I did! Although, I am trying my best to make improvements through out this subject, I will definitely apply the tips given during teaching and put it into good use. Hopefully, at the end of the semester I will be fully equipped with knowledge and skills to do so.

Kids Snippets

Kids Snippets

Been watching these hilarious videos talked and imagined by children but re-enacted by adults. We could introduce this during drama lessons in classroom as well,perhaps not act by adults but instead allow children to create story using their imagination and acting the story. While some of the students could record the drama lessons using video recorder and post it in Youtube or school blog to encourage them to use a ICT’s in classroom setting differently. This link also provides motivation for teachers to be creative in linking their teaching in class. 

Online shopping

Things are getting much more convenient, even from home everyone could shop online. Due to fast pace and busy schedules lifestyle, I would shop online for rare goods, from film camera, polaroid films and things that I could not find in a shopping mall. I enjoy collecting antique and unique things, hence it would be more expensive out there. But with the help of online shopping, almost everything could be found at an affordable price tag. There are even online bidding if the seller requires a higher price for a rare piece, usually it will be on website like ebay. Furthermore, some blog sites provide free delivery with any amount of purchase. One of my favorite website would still be ebay . With the antique I mentioned above, they are not sold everywhere locally. Hence, I will usually ship in from UK. The only flaws from online shopping would most likely be the unexpected long wait for the arrival of goods.